"Visual Basic With Industrial Connections"


Discover How To Build A HMI/SCADA Application With Visual Basic Today!

Some Advantages of Using Visual Basic For Your HMI/SCADA Application.


The book with step by step instructions that are easy to follow in building industrial applications.

Creating Human Machine Interfaces Using Visual Basic

ISBN 0966312066

4th Edition Now Available, includes extra 45 page chapter on building htm web pages, using the Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad.

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Another story of how one company saved millions on software and improved productivity. 

When asked to build an application for a chemical processing company, I declined their generous monetary offer to their disbelief. Explaining that if I were to do so I would be no better than the people that had sold them their proprietary software. They would always be dependent on me to solve any problems or modify the applications with additional expenses. However, I would help train their employees and build an application. The finished product would be theirs to distribute to other plants and sell if the need arises. There would no longer be any Run Time fees or expensive upgrades to budget for in the future. Their employees built a HMI/SCADA application with input from the operators concerning graphics and controls layout. With suggestions and input coming from various departments, quality control, purchasing, data analysis, etc. they completed their first application to the approval of management. Management now wanted me to help them with the remaining seventeen identical machines. Again I declined. I explained that they had trained employees that had just finished an application to their approval and the application was theirs to do as they wished. They asked “You mean we can copy the application and install it on the remaining machines for free”? They went on to build more applications on different machines throughout the plant and discard the proprietary software that was a burden on their budget. Take control of the software that controls your plant or the proprietary software will control your profits.



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